We exist to help enrich the lives of both dog & human.

We believe our pets are an absolute essentialβ€”to our family, to our wellbeing and to our lives. They're with us through thick and thin, rain and shineβ€”and lots of mud!Β 

The reciprocal, give and take relationship between pet and human is something to be celebrated.Β 

So, we set out to design everyday essentials as they that considers both of your needs, equally.Β 

Every product is designed to solve real life problems, while looking good doing it.

We keep our selection small so we can focus on quality rather than quantity, while always challenging ourselves to do better. That means listening to our community, constantly improving, and bringing continued awareness to animal rescue.

behind the brand

The founder Erica was inspired to create Westley when she adopted her rescue dog Daphne.

She wanted to be the best pet parent she could, however, quickly realised there was no go-to brand that combined style, functionality, and sustainability.

She was tired of the generic and kitsch options out there, and when she asked around, learned lots of dog owners were eager for something different too.Β 

So, with a background in product development and e-commerce, she set out to build a petware brand designed to support both dog and human, with ethics at its core.Β 

Combining her NYC roots and current London living, she hopes to bring meaningful minimalism into the pet parenthood community for a stronger and brighter future.