Puppy Progress Programme

We know things move fast with pups and we want to make sure you feel great at each stage. So, we've introduced a system where you get rewarded for growing with us.

How it works


Submit the form below so we have all the info we need.


We'll email you back a code for 10% off a bigger harness and/or collar—plus free UK shipping.


You place a new order using your discount code and enjoy your pup's bigger and better gear. No need to send back the original items.


How does the promotion work?

Once we review your form, we'll email you a discount code for you to use on your next order. Please note the 10% off will only apply to the replacement items you specify in your form and cannot be applied to build your walk set bundles or warehouse sale items.

What size should I get?

We recommend you compare your dog's measurements to our handy size guides found on our product pages. If you have questions, just shoot us an email at hello@wearewestley.com and we'll try and guide you in the right direction!

Can I exchange for a different colour?

Yes! If you prefer to try a different colour with your bigger size, that's no problem. You can select whichever colour you prefer when you order your new item(s).

What should I do with my old products?

You don't need to return your outgrown items to us. Please feel free to gift it a friend or reaching out to an animal shelter to see if they could use the donation. If your product is not in useable condition, we recommend discarding it.